About Us

Who We Are

We have recently celebrated our 40th anniversary as one of the world’s finest producers of premium high-quality cooker hoods and kitchen appliances.

Our factory is based in Barcelona, a city world-famous for design & innovation, where we combine 40 years’ experience with the latest technologies. We respect both, our traditions and the environment while aiming to improve the ease and quality of life with our premium quality and performance appliances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the most effective kitchen appliances in terms of design and performance. We aim to have low-level noise, high effectiveness, and low energy consumption. We want to achieve all of this while honouring our values as an Eco-responsible company. 

Pando remains a leader in the design, quality, and performance. 

German technology is part of our design

We blend the world-famous designs of Barcelona, with the very best German engineered Eco-motors while adding energy-saving LED systems to all of our models. 

The Pando Eco-system is composed of a new series of high-performance German D.C brush-less motors produced by EBM-PAPST who are the world leaders in energy saving motor technology.

By working with EBM we can offer a saving of up to 76% in energy consumption and reducing noise by 23% without affecting energy flow and extraction levels at any time. 

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